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Animals Trapped & Removed

Services Provided in Melbourne, FL

24/7 Wildlife Control technicians provide a wide variety of services for residential and commercial customers, including the following services.

  • Animal Trapping & Removal
  • Wildlife Exclusion Treatments
  • Sanitation & Waste Removal
  • Restoration & Repair Services

Hearing noises at night?

Nuisance and pest wildlife on your property in Melbourne, FL can keep you awake at night, do damage to your property, and negatively affect your health. The safest and most humane way to take care of this problem is to perform a live trapping or improve your building or home with exclusion treatments.

Sounds like you need a Wildlife Inspection

Local technicians will provide you with an estimate after performing inspections of attics, garages, porches, yards, and interior spaces of your residential property, or after inspecting your commercial building(s). An inspection is required in order to establish what type of wildlife has made its home on your property, and how they are able to access the affected areas, and what has caused them to. Once a 24/7 Wildlife Control expert has surveyed your property throroughly to determine access points and existing damage, they will deliver a written estimate that details the findings of their inspection, and proposes a plan for complete removal, sanitation, exclusion, and repair.

Exterior damage to a chimney
Damage to a stucco around a chimney found during exterior inspection. Needs to be repaired to prevent rats from entering the home.

It's time to start trapping

The next step after the inspection is to put the trapping and removal plan in motion. Trapping teams will place traps based on the inspection report to ensure that they will successfully catch nuisance wildlife. Trapped animals are relocated to nature preserves, nature conservancies, and other approved natural environments once trapped.

Possums in cage traps
Possums trapped using live cage traps by a local technician in Central Florida.

Cleaning and sanitizing the home

After the trapping and/or removal is complete in Melbourne, Florida, technicians will remove wildlife waste products like feces and urine, as well as nesting materials, oils, fur, and any other foreign materials. After all surfaces are treated with specialized chemicals and cleaners, treatment with antimicrobial spray during the sanitation process will clean the air by removing bacteria and particles.

Restoring and repairing damaged parts of the home

Depending upon the amount of waste found, and how long the animals have been living inside of your home, you may need to have some parts of your home replaced. Restoration and repair teams can fix damaged wiring, plumbing, insulation, drywall, and roofs to like-new condition. Not only does this improve the look and value of your home, but it also helps prevent future animal infestations.

Fresh insulation in an attic space replaces damaged insulation
Technicians in Texas have replaced insulation that has been damaged and soiled with animal droppings and urine.

Exclusion treatments to prevent future animal control issues

Sometimes repairing damaged parts of the home or building isn't enough to prevent future wildlife infestations. Exclusion is the best way to handle vulnerabilities to a building or property that is not damaged or has recently been restored. Attic vents are a common part of a residential home that requires exclusion treatments to prevent animals like bats and rats from entering the space, and will need to be covered with a steel mesh grate.

Exclusion materials on attic vents
Steel mesh has been put in place over the openings of attic vents to allow airflow but prevent any small wildlife creatures from entering.

Warranty service for wildlife removal and animal control

Warranties are available from your local wildlife services operator to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of the services you have benn provided. Speak to your service manager regarding pricing, availability, and term length for these warranties. Typical warranty term lengths begin at 1 year and can extend to up to 10 years depending upon the service operator.

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