What bait to use for Trapping Raccoons

Since raccoons LITERALLY eat garbage, you may be wondering what kind of bait would be your best bet for catching these guys. Well, it’s no secret that raccoons will eat pretty much anything that you put in front of them; however, there are some baits that will attract them a bit more than others. Much like a small toddler, raccoons love sugary fatty foods. When you use more sweet things, you are more likely to catch a raccoon, whereas if you primarily use fruits and vegetables you might end up catching any other wildlife roaming in the area. One of the most proven baits to use has been marshmallows, the sugary sweet scent will lure the raccoon in thinking that they are in for a delicious fluffy treat. You can also use watermelon, vegetables covered in honey to give them added sweetness, or cat food. Beware with cat food though, you will often end up catching the neighborhood cat a couple times as well- and if you have a crazy cat lady next door she will NOT appreciate it.

Image of raccoon
Raccoons usually travel in small groups

You want to make sure that the bait isn’t haphazardly thrown into the cage, it needs to be placed at the back of the trap to encourage the raccoon to actually walk into the trap and not just try to reach in and grab it. Also, you may want to wear gloves when setting and baiting your trap, as the human scent may trigger them into thinking that something is going on.

Sometimes raccoons will be overly protective of food sources, so be careful approaching a raccoon if they are eating. These pesky creatures have sharp claws and can carry a wide variety of zoonotic diseases.

Image of raccoon
Raccoons will eat just about anything!

You may not catch your raccoon in the first couple of days, or even week. It is a timely process that could span over a couple of weeks. It is important not to get impatient and realize that these are wild animals and it can take time. If the bait you’re using doesn’t work after the first week, try switching; however, switching too often can sometimes deter the raccoon from taking it as it is unfamiliar food every day. Too much change too fast will not be helpful.