Why do Raccoons Poop in my Pool!!??

If you have a pool at home, your family probably loves taking a nice relaxing dip in the cool waters, especially during the summer. The same can be said for raccoons! They love taking swims in any body of water, and a pool is perfect for that. You may often see raccoons washing their little paws, or even various foods, in bodies of water; it’s super cute! Until it’s in your pool.

Image of animal feces in a pool
Can you identify this animal feces?

Raccoons often will poop in pools also, this is probably the biggest issue that comes with sharing a pool with a raccoon. It’s all fun and games until someone poops in the pool, after all. You may be wondering why? Why, of all the places, would a raccoon poop in your beautiful pool? Quite simply, because they are wild animals, they have an instinct to want to try and hide their poop. In their tiny complex little raccoon brains, pooping in water makes the poop go away. We know this is not the case. I'm sure the last thing you want to do is skim raccoon droppings from your pristine pool or off of your pool deck.

Image of pool
Keep your pool free of poo!

While it is disgusting, and definitely more work for you than anything, I assure you: the raccoon is not being spiteful. It’s simply nature taking its course. However, if you have been having an issue with a raccoon pooping in your pool, make sure that your pool is properly cleaned out and that the chemicals have been readjusted before anyone goes swimming again.