What are the Best Rat Traps | Snap Traps vs Glue Traps

There are a couple different ways to trap for rats, two of the most common traps you can find are glue traps and snap traps. Each kind of trap has its own pros and cons, however, snap traps are notoriously better for catching rats.

Glue traps are more inconspicuous and safer for human handling. They are typically less costly than snap traps, and can be used in more areas of the house. However, they also are typically not strong enough to catch rats and often the rats will end up able to pull free leaving only a small tuft of hair on the trap. Not only does this mean that that rat is still running around, but he will also be shy of that kind of trap and will communicate with his little rat buddies to also not go near it. This is a huge problem for most trappers, but there are ways around it.

Rat snap traps
Rat snap traps are effective and very inexpensive

Snap traps are typically more effective when it comes to rats as it will kill them as soon as they are in it. It has a lever-action that when the rat reached in for the bait, the trap will snap closed and kill the rat in one pain-free motion. One of the biggest drawbacks to using snap traps is that they could go off on your finger if not careful, and yes, it does hurt. Also, if you have a household pet and are putting them in the living space, they could pose a threat.

You could also choose to live trap, however this is exceedingly difficult and often does not work with rats. However, if this is the route you are using, make sure you get the smallest live trap you can find, otherwise the rats will not be heavy enough to trigger the trap door.