What Is The Best Bait to Use to Catch a Squirrel

Rather you buy a live trap or a lethal trap, one of the most important things is the bait. This is what will attract the squirrel to go into your trap. Otherwise you just have a hunk of metal sitting there, and the squirrel is going to say “no thank you” and go along its merry way. So, you’ve seen your neighbors feeding the little guy and you know he’ll eat just about anything, but what’s the best option for baiting a trap?

There are a lot of “Squirrel Baits” out there, but they are pretty costly and honestly, you can do better with a couple things you either have handy around the house or that you can pick up at the market relatively cheap. One of the best baits is peanut butter, most times you’ll have this already in your pantry. Just take some and put it into the trap, the smell of peanuts will definitely peak your squirrels interest. Alternatively, you can use whole peanuts and get the same results.

If you have a bird feeder, you’ve probably noticed that squirrels love to eat the seeds out of it. So, you can also take some of the seed from that and put it in the trap as well. If you want to get real fancy with it, you can put the bird seed WITH the peanut butter.

Image of squirrel
Squirrels love to eat seeds, nuts, and more!

Squirrels will eat pretty much anything that is fruity or has nuts, so even if you have a granola bar just laying around the back of your pantry you can even try to use that. If one bait isn’t working, change it up. While you probably shouldn’t change it every day (as this might tip the squirrel off that you’re up to something) if it hasn’t worked after a week, change bait and see if that helps.