Squirrel Trapping | How To Trap A Squirrel

Once you’re absolutely certain you have a squirrel, it’s time to buy a trap! Now, there are several different types of traps you can use out there, it really depends on if you want to catch and release the squirrel, or if you want…well… a more permanent end to the little guy causing you problems. Remember, it’s very important to know for sure that you have a squirrel, because if you buy a squirrel trap and you have a different animal in the attic- the likelihood that you’ll catch them is significantly low.

The best option for trapping squirrels- if you aren’t looking to kill them- is a small live trap. These are small steel cages that have a door on one end so that when the squirrel walks in, the door closes and they are trapped until you release them. This type of cage needs to be baited, as most squirrels will not just waltz into an open trap. After you’ve successfully caught the little guy, you can drop him off far far away from your home in a place better suited for a squirrel.

There are lethal traps that you can purchase as well, these traps typically work as larger scale rodent traps. They will essentially snap down on the squirrel once they reach into it and either kill them or seriously hurt them- to the point where you mercy kill it.

Image of squirrel
Squirrels usually live in trees, but won't turn down free rent in your attic!

Either way you want to do it, trapping squirrels can be a tricky task. They are relatively smart animals, so you might not catch one on your first couple days of trapping for them. Then again, you might get lucky and catch them on the first day. The important thing is to keep checking the traps every day, rather you’re using a live or lethal trap you don’t want the animal just sitting there for days at a time.