What Does Bat Poop Look Like?

While you may get really excited for the idea of a man in a red suit coming through your chimney, the idea of a bat doing the same does not sound as appealing. Often times, the chimney is the next best option for bats other than your attic. It is important that if you feel like you do have bats in your chimney that you aren’t lighting fires until the problem is taken care of. This could put the bats in tremendous danger. Getting bats removed from your chimney is almost the same process as getting them out of your attic. You still must identify how they are entering the chimney primarily and if there are any other points. You can seal the other points up, leaving the main access open until you are sure there are no more bats in the chimney and then sealing it. During this process, you want to make sure that your damper in your chimney is closed, preventing the bats from crawling into the living space of the home. However, you may also need to install a chimney cap to prevent them from entering from the top of the chimney.

Steel mesh for exclusion
Steel mesh is a great material for bat-proofing the openings of a chimney.

Many times, cleaning guano from inside the chimney is a difficult task and many recommend contacting a professional. This is just to be sure that all of the guano is removed safely and effectively.

If there are bats in your chimney, it is more than likely a maternity roost, meaning that there are babies. Remember that the babies are unable to fly until about August, so even if you think all of the bats are out, it is your best bet to wait until after the babies would be able to fly on their own before sealing the entire chimney up.