Why you should never Kill a bat: Why are Bats Protected

Many times, you may find yourself getting frustrated with the situation. You didn’t ask for this, and now you have to go out of your way to get them out. Why not just set poison for them and kill them off? Well, for starters, they probably won’t eat it. The bats in your attic are way more interested in eating mosquitos and other live bugs. They will not be interested in a bait set for them. On the off chance you can get them to eat it, they are going to end up dying in your attic. Which may sound like the result you are looking for, but if you thought their poop smelled bad, just imagine what they smell like if they are deceased and decomposing. This will only get worse if you manage to kill a significant number in the colony.

Bat image
Bats try to hide from the sun as much as possible, which is why they love your attic

As frustrating as it may be to have to get rid of bats, it is important to make sure that you use all the proper steps so that the bats are removed without harm. Aside from the terrible odor if they die in your attic and the fine you would face for harming them, the mosquitos and insect population in your neighborhood would increase significantly. No more summer backyard BBQ’s, and who wants that? Certainly not me! All outdoor activities would be accompanied by the buzzing and biting that we all know too well! And don't forget how awful pesticides and bug sprays smell, and what damage they can do to your skin and clothes.

Bat image
Bats are protected because they help control the insect population

Also you might be facing a pretty hefty fine if you were to poison these guys, it is illegal in almost every state to kill bats. Bats are important part of our ecosystem, can you imagine the mosquitos we would have if it weren’t for bats?? Many species of bats are actually on the endangered species list. While they may be annoying -and even potentially harmful- to have in your home, bats help our ecosystem tremendously and if they were to go extinct the devastation could be tremendous.