What are Bat houses and do they actually work

Many people appreciate having bats in the neighborhood, because they help with bug population, but you do not want them in your house, so what do you do? Deal with the bugs? Or allow bats to potentially damage your home living in it? Well, the answer is to find a compromise. A bat house serves as a location for maternity roosts to have a safe place to house their babies, while also staying in your neighborhood to help with bug control, AND they aren’t in your attic. It’s a win for everyone. Except the bugs.

Bat house.jpg
CC BY-SA 2.5, Link

Bat houses are tiny structures that resemble bird houses, they are typically wooden and provide space for a small roost. You may notice guano around the bat house, however rain and other natural elements will break down the guano. It can actually end up helping your yard as well! Guano is high in nitrogen and phosphorous which makes it a great fertilizer.

These tiny structures are mutually beneficial for both you and the bats. Many people will install them even without having a bat issue previously to try and attract bats to the area. Most bat houses are situated on long, tall poles and you can put as many in your backyard as you see fit. This is an excellent way to help the creatures that help our ecosystem every night!